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  • MathChargePR
Title: MathChargePR
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Category: Math Quiz
Instructions: Use the mouse for movement and left click to launch the Math Charges. Change the depth by clicking on the arrows on the number dial or use the following keys: E - Tens place up, D - Tens place down, R - Ones place up, F - Ones place down. Sink the Multiplication Subs by having a Math Charge with the right depth (answer) explode near it.
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  1. Cool! (no pun intended) Notice the drivers’ door. Would it have not been easier just to weld it shut rather than custom make that weird-looking sheet metal replacement panel? And note that all the factory running boards are covered in a obvious attempt to keep kids from hitching a ride (like we used to do on the Divco milk trucks in my neighborhood).

  2. Grundsatzlich betrachtet ist dies ne praktische Geschichte, ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob das auch auf Dauer realistisch machbar sein wird!

  3. Susan, I’ve been trying to get past level 72 for weeks, and I just can’t do it. Haha thought I was the only one.

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