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  • Coffee shop
Title: Coffee shop
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Description: Congratulations! You've opened your own coffee shop. Your goal is to make as much money as you can in 14 days. Each day begins in Prep Mode. In Prep Mode you buy ingredients, adjust your recipe, and set your price. Before you can make coffee you have to buy the ingredients that go into it. Coffee has just four ingredients: Cups - You can't sell coffee without a cup to serve it in! Coffee - Dark-roasted ground coffee beans keep customers coming. Milk - Customers like their coffee creamy. Sugar - What's a cup of coffee without a little sweetener? Move your mouse over the Inventory area to buy ingredients for the day. Before leaving Prep Mode you'll want to adjust the recipe used to make your coffee, as well as the price you charge customers for each serving. Your recipe determines how expensive your coffee is to make. Your recipe also determines how well your customers like your coffee. You can adjust how much coffee, milk, and sugar you put into each cup of coffee. Generally speaking, customers like more of everything and are willing to pay a higher price for it! Pay close attention to your price
Instructions: This is the amount you charge for each cup of coffee. High-priced coffee earns you more money, but customers won't buy your coffee if they think it's too expensive. They'll pay more on cold days and less on warm ones. Adjusting your price each day is crucial skill in running a successful coffee shop!
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    this is so fun!!!

  2. cadee says:

    THIS IS GREAT!try it!

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